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[Cabin in Springtime]

[Cabin in Springtime]

Directions from Northern Virginia

Follow Interstate 66 to its end near Front Royal, and turn South on Interstate 81.

Continue South on Interstate 81 to Exit 283, Woodstock, VA Route 42..

Go Right off the top of the ramp, heading West onto VA 42 South, toward Columbia Furnace.

5.2 miles down VA 42, passing the large gray unmarked turkey processing plant on the left, and a store/gas station on the right, go Right on Union Church Rd. (toward St. Luke, on VA 768 to VA 623).

Bear Left and downhill at the church, onto Back Rd. (VA 623).

At the bottom of the hill, just before the bridge, go Right on Wolf Gap Rd. (VA 675).

2.3 miles down VA 675, go Right on Millertown Rd. (VA 749).

1.1 miles down Millertown Rd. reach the End State Maintenance sign. You're getting close. Continue on the gravel road along the fence. Ignore the Posted signs, the road is public.

After you cross the "no side rail bridge", we are the sixth and seventh houses on the right, #1482 and #1494, dark brown wood, stone, and log structures (#1482 has a white cinderblock garage.) They're the last houses on the right (ignoring the wood garage just beyond) and about 200 yards short of the barrier at the entrance to George Washington National Forest. You can't miss us.

The phone number at both cabins is (540) 984-3193.


From the South

Heading North on Interstate 81, take exit 279, Edinburg. At the end of the ramp, turn Left (West) on VA 675.

After about 2 miles, the road will narrow and become twisty. In 2.5 more miles, you will cross a one-lane bridge with sharp turns at both ends. Continue uphill for another quarter mile, to a stop sign at VA 42, Senedo Road. VA 675 joins with it briefly. Go Right at this stop sign, passing Larkin's Store and gas station on your right. Take the next Left to stay on VA 675.

At the bottom of the hill, just after crossing the small bridge, turn Left again, to stay on VA 675. Proceed as above on VA 675 to Millertown Road (VA 749) and on to the cabins.

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Picture, Map, and Directions

Manning Cabin
Woodstock, Virginia