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Lee Manning Family

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Numbers next to older names are Indices from Manning Genealogy.

1640. George Washington Manning (son of 843. John Adams Manning)
b. Mar. 20, 1831, Newark Valley, NY; d. May 13, 1914, Savona, NY.

(Taken in 1880)

m. Lydia Melissa Webster, July 2, 1831, Choconut, PA
(b. Mar. 20, 1836, Choconut, PA; d. (date unknown) Savona, NY.)
Henry Hoyt (b. Mar. 22, 1852, Newark Valley, NY)
George Elias (b. Jan. 31, 1855, Binghamton, NY)
Lydia Belinda (b. Mar. 9, 1859, Binghamton, NY)
Alonzo Webster (b. Mar. 2, 1862, Binghamton, NY)
Mary Ella (b. Sep. 6, 1870, Binghamton, NY)
William Sutton (b. Mar. 24, 1873, Savona, NY)
Edward Leroy (b. Dec. 23, 1876, Savona, NY)

Born on March 20, 1831, at Newark Valley, he passed his childhood there, apparently playing in and around his grandfather's wagon shop. His grandfather died when George was only 9 years old.

George was married at Choconut, Pennsylvania, to Lydia Melissa Webster on July 2, 1851. He was 20, she only 15. In 1871 or 1872, they moved to the town of Thurston in Steuben County, near Savona, New York, where they spent the remainder of their lives. George died on May 13, 1914 at the age of 83. The date of Lydia's death is not known. Both are probably buried in Seamen's Cemetery in Savona.

Elsie (Manning) Randall, his great granddaughter (and my aunt) recalls:

"I remember seeing both George Washington and Lydia when they visited my grandparents, George and Ella, on Brewster Street, in Painted Post. I remember her much more clearly. After her husband died she sometimes visited my grandparents and parents for a few days. She was neat and petite and always wore a white apron. Her voice was very gentle.

"Their house in Savona was still standing in 1979 when Bud (Elsie's husband) and I took my uncle, Clifton Manning, around the area to visit the ‘scenes of his childhood'. When he was a boy he would go from Painted Post to Savona by train on the Rochester Division of the Erie Railroad."

One of their children, William, is further recalled by my father, Eugene Carr Manning:

"My father had an uncle named William Manning. He used to take me with his horse and buggy from his house in Savona, NY, to the Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western (D.L. & W.) station to pick up the mail for the Post Office. He would stop on the way at the banks of the Cohocton River, to water his horse."

George and Lydia had seven children. Their first, born when Lydia was only 16, died in childhood. The others were George, Alonzo, William, Edward, Mary (m. Dusenberry), and Lydia (m. Buckley). Their second, George Elias Manning, was my great grandfather.